How to save songs from Instagram stories

How to save songs from Instagram stories

We show you how to save the songs from Instagram stories, so that later we can use them ourselves.

So you can save songs from Instagram stories

Today we are going to teach you save songs from instagram stories. A good way later we can use those songs.

Surely many times you have seen songs in stories that you liked and that you thought you could use. The problem with this may be that later at the moment of truth we never remember that song that we had heard and therefore we cannot use it.

Well, we are going to show you a way to be able to have that song that we have heard and thus be able to use it later.

How to save songs from Instagram stories

The process is very simple and in a few steps we will be able to have that song in our possession, so that we can use it whenever we want.

So we go to that story in which we have seen the song we wanted and click on it, on the song. This always appears just below the user’s name. When we click on the name of the song, we will see that a menu appears at the bottom.

songs from stories 1

Click on the song and then save

In this menu, it already gives us the option of being able to save that song that is playing or to share it with whoever we want. In this case, we want to save it to have it at our disposal whenever we want.

Once we have it saved, when we want to make a story and put a song, we will see that at the top of the music list we will a tab appears that tells us that we have music saved …

songs from stories 2

Go to the saved folder and select the one we want

Click on this and we will get the list with the songs that we have been saving. In this way, we will always have it available so that we can use it at all times or when we want, of course.


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