How to Save Items to Instagram Wish List

How to Save Items to Instagram Wish List

We show you the way to save the articles on the Instagram wish list and thus have access to them whenever we want.

So you can add items to Instagram wish list

Today we are going to teach you to save items on instagram wish list. A great way to have access to those items that we liked and thus be able to buy them without looking for them again.

Instagram some time ago added to its options, the possibility of buying items through its virtual store. This store is a section that we can find by simply entering the app and clicking on the basket icon. Here we will find articles of all kinds, although mainly related to publications that we see. Although we also have a search engine.

We are going to show you how to be able to save these articles that we see and thus have access to all of them from the same place.

How to Save Items to Instagram Wish List

The process is very simple, we access the section that we have discussed, which is the basket. We find it along with the other icons at the bottom.

Inside, we will see that articles of all kinds appear and above all, related to the content that we usually consume on this social network. Now we just have to find the one we like and proceed to save it.

To be able to save it, the process is the same as the one we do to save a post. Click on the icon that appears on the right, in the form of a page marker.

Instagram wish list 1

Click on the icon to save

By doing so, it will be directly saved to our wish list. This list can be found on the main screen of this shopping section. To access it, we must click on the icon that we see in the upper right, where is the same icon as the save, but on a pad.

Instagram 2 wish list

See the wish list

Click on that icon, and we will have access to all the articles that we have saved through the app.


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