How to restart a locked Apple Watch with the apple on the screen

How to restart a locked Apple Watch with the apple on the screen

If you want to know how reboot a locked Apple Watch, we give you the solution to that little problem that happens in this smart watch …

Apple Watch locked

Today we are going to teach you restart an Apple Watch locked. If it has happened to you that the apple has remained on the screen and it has not passed from here, this interests you.

There are already several users who have been commenting to us that their watch has been blocked. And it is that, something that has also happened to us, the Watch he keeps the apple on the screen and it doesn’t happen from there. Everyone knows that when it comes to plugging it in, it takes longer than it should, this is not a problem, the clock is like that.

But nevertheless, yes what it is a problem when the waiting time exceeds 5 minutes. If that is your case, we are going to give you the solution below.

How to reset a locked Apple Watch:

What we must do is simply perform a Hard reset. We also do this with the iPhone when we want to force a restart, since it is the way it gives us Manzana to perform this process.

With the watch, let’s say we can do the exact same thing. To do this, we use the only 2 buttons that we have in it. Therefore, we keep these 2 buttons pressed until the clock restarts …

Apple Watch locked 1

Perform a Hard reset to the Apple Watch

In this simple way we can get out of this unexpected blockage that occurs in the Apple watch. Undoubtedly a pretty good solution and a way to avoid going to a Apple Store.

Therefore, if you are one of the victims of this problem, try this solution. We already told you in advance that we have tested it and it has solved the error.

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