How to reset, change the battery and configure the AirTag

How to reset, change the battery and configure the AirTag

We already have in our possession the new locating devices Manzana . Today we show you how set up an AirTag and we explain how these small and useful products work.

Configure the AirTag

If you have a AirTag you’re in luck. We are going to tell you how to configure it from scratch and we are going to talk about everything we can do with it, based on the functions it has.

The AirTag They are small locating devices with which you can locate any object. To do this, you must place it next to the object that you do not want to lose and, we assure you, that you will never lose it since every time that happens and accessing the app “Look for”, in the section “Objects”, you can see its location.

Although it is a small product, a little larger than a coin 2 euros, It is a great device that we can give a lot of use to.

Why it is not convenient to use AirTags to spy.

How to configure the Airtag:

Configure one of these products from Manzana It is very simple. Once we have it in our possession and as long as it is new, or does not have a Apple ID, we just have to put it near the iPhone to which we are going to link it. This will make us sync it with the ID that we have in the iPhone and, thus, be able to access all the functions of the AirTag and to be able to locate it at any time and place.

When zoomed in, in a matter of seconds, we will see a screen on the mobile that will recognize the AirTag. When we see it we have to follow the steps that appear and that we show you in images below:

Steps to configure the AirTag

Steps to configure the AirTag

Now when entering the app “Look for” and in the section “Objects”, which we will see in the lower menu of the screen, will appear and by clicking on it we will be able to access its settings. These are as follows:

Airtag options and settings

Airtag Options and Settings

  • Play Sound: By pressing this option we will make our AirTag emit a sound to help us know where it is. Very useful.
  • Look for: A kind of search engine will appear that will guide us to the exact place where the device is.
  • Notifications: We will make the app notify us when a person has found our AirTag. This is enabled when we activate the lost mode and the device is far from our iPhone.
  • Lost mode: Activating this allows us to configure the AirTag so that if someone finds it, they can return it to us. We can add our mobile number and a message for it.
AirTag lost mode

AirTag lost mode

  • Rename object: If we ever want to change the object to the AirTag, this is the option that allows us to do so.
  • Delete object: Unlink the AirTag from our ID and our iPhone.

How to restore or unlock an AirTag:

To restore a AirTag you simply have to remove the object from your iPhone. To do this you must press, within the options of the Airtag in the app “Look for”, in option “Delete object”. This will allow the device to be linked to another Apple ID or yours in case you want to restore the device for any reason.

If you find a Airtag and you want to unlock it, you will never be able to do so as long as it is linked to a Apple ID. That is why it is silly to keep it. It is best to return it by scanning it with the app “Look for” from your iPhone and by contacting the owner.

How to remove and change the AirTag battery:

To change the battery of the Airtag We simply have to click on the silver part of the device and turn to the right. This will make it open and we can change it.

It is said that the pile of the AirTag they usually last a year. Let’s hope it is like that.

And we just hope that you have been interested in this article and that you share it with all those who may be interested.



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