How to request a REFUND of a SUBSCRIPTION from Apple

How to request a REFUND of a SUBSCRIPTION from Apple

We are going to teach you request a refund for a subscription you paid for from your Apple account. One way to get your money back on a subscription you accidentally paid for.

Request a subscription refund

Request a subscription refund

There are many queries that come to us on this topic and today we bring you one of our iOS tutorials to give you the answer.

Manzana It allows you to process refunds of apps, movies, songs … and also subscriptions to paid services. Of course, you must meet some bases to be able to request it. We tell you everything below with video and everything.

How to ask Apple for a subscription refund. Get your money back:

In the following video we explain how to request this type of refund. Giving the Play It should appear at the right time when we talk about how to ask for the return of the money you have paid in a subscription. (If pressing does not show the video at that time, tell you that we start talking about it in a minute 3:31):

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The first thing we have to do is enter a website that Apple provides us for all these kinds of problems.

Once we access this website, it will ask us for our Apple ID, which we will have to enter to have access to all the applications, movies, songs, subscriptions … that we have purchased on this account. They will be ordered in chronological order of payment.

We look for the paid subscription from which we want to be reimbursed for the amount and click on “Point”, To indicate that we have a problem with it.

Report problem with subscriptionReport problem with subscription

Point out the problem with subscription

If it does not appear you must wait. Sometimes, it has taken us up to 2-3 hours to appear on that list.

Now, in the list of options, we will select the one that best suits our situation.

Options to request a subscription refundOptions to request a subscription refund

Options to request a subscription refund

After accepting the refund request we will have to wait to receive a confirmation email. Possibly yes Manzana value that you do not meet the bases for the return (for example you enjoy 20 days of the subscription and then ask for the refund), do not refund anything. That is why we recommend you order them on the closest possible date to the payment of the same.

If you accept the refund, in a few days you will have the money in your account.



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