How to report messages in a Telegram group

How to report messages in a Telegram group

We show you the way to be able to report messages in a Telegram group, in the event that we see that there are inappropriate comments.

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So you can report messages in a Telegram group

Today we are going to teach you report messages in a Telegram group. A good way to end those typical comments that are totally out of place.

Surely we have some group with friends, in which we know the tone of each one and the context in which certain jokes are played. But it is likely that we are in other groups in which there are many more people and people we do not know, in which other types of comments are made.

And it is here where Telegram gives us the possibility to report these messages so that they do not appear again and that person is kicked out of the group.

How to report messages on Telegram

The truth is that the process is very simple and the tools that developers give us to do it are very well located.

In order to report a message, we must go to the comment that we want to highlight and keep it pressed. In this way, we managed to bring up a pop-up menu, which gives us the opportunity to report …

report messages 1report messages 1

Keep the message pressed and then select the indicated tab

Click on this tab and several options will appear between which we must select the reason why we want to report that message. The options they give us are the following:

  • Spam
  • Violence
  • Pornography
  • Child abuse
  • Copyright
  • Others

We select the one that is closest to the comment we have seen and follow the steps that we are given in the app. In this way the other person will know that they have been sanctioned and with total security, they will be expelled from the group and who knows if anything else.

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So in this simple way we can report messages on Telegram groups, as long as it is something important and it is not to make grace with friends, since we are talking about something really serious.

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