How to report a channel on Telegram from the iPhone

How to know if a person has listened to an audio on Telegram

We show you the way to report a channel on Telegram, in case we see one that has offensive content, for example.

So you can report a channel on Telegram

Today we are going to teach you report a channel on Telegram. A great way to be able to eliminate those offensive groups, among other things.

Telegram is becoming the hottest platform for instant messaging. Thanks to ‘skid’ WhatsApp, have managed to create a niche in the market and users are discovering it. Proof of this is that every day they have new users.

In this case and seeing the boom it is having, we want to provide you with the tools to be able to report these channels that are appearing and would be arriving over time.

How to report a Telegram channel

Although this option is somewhat hidden, it is true that it is easy to carry out when you know where it is. So we are going to go to the Telegram app and go directly to that channel that we want to report.

Once in the canal, we entered this and we go directly to the information of the same. Within this information, we will see several points, among which we must look at the circle with the 3 points …

report a channel on Telegram 1report a channel on Telegram 1

Click on the three dots button

Click on this and we will see that a menu is displayed in which the tab of <>. This will be the one that we must press, to report this channel.

Once we do, they will ask us why we want to sanction that channel and we must explain it clearly. All this information will reach Telegram and they will take the last word.

But what is clear is that in this simple way you can report any channel that you consider has some type of inappropriate content.


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