How to remove the background of an image from an iPhone or iPad

How to remove the background of an image from an iPhone or iPad

Today we bring you an article that you are going to love. A tutorial with which you will learn to remove the background from an image to be able to use an object, a person, an animal …, that appears in the photo, in any other image or, simply, save it but without any background.

Remove background from an image from iPhone and iPad

Is one of photography tutorials most demanded. Being able to select any object, or objects, from an image to extract it from the photograph by eliminating the background, allows us to create excellent photographic compositions.

We already explained to you in its day how to merge objects in one or more photos And this tutorial that we bring you today is going to teach you how to extract any object, person, animal, monument… from your photos and then, if you want, to be able to use them by pasting them on other images.

How to remove the background from an image:

In the following video we explain how to do it. If you are more of reading skip it and below we will explain it in writing:

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Before continuing you have to download the following application. One of the best photo editing apps that exist in the App Store.

Download PicsArt

Once downloaded, we enter it, allow it to access our photos on the reel and, without accepting any type of subscription or anything like that, click on the “+” that appears in the lower menu of the main screen.

On this screen we choose the photograph from which we want to remove the background.

Extract parts of an image to remove the background:

The image will appear on the screen and we will have to select the option “Cutout” that appears in the lower menu of the screen. If you do not see it slide the menu from right to left and it will appear. It’s a menu scroll.

Cut out the object, person, monument, animal ... that you want

Cut out the object, person, monument, animal … that you want

Now, if we want to select a person, face, clothes, sky …, from the option “to select” click on the option we want to cut. The app will do it automatically. If doing so is not very well trimmed, we can erase and restore parts of the image, thanks to the options that we will see at the bottom of the image.

Edit the clipping to make it perfect

Edit the clipping to make it perfect

If it is not a person, face, clothes … what we want to select, we must choose the option “Outline”. Now with our finger we must draw the outline of the object or thing that we want to cut out.

As in the way we have commented before, once selected we click on the arrow that appears at the top of the screen and it will give us the option to restore and delete parts of the object, thing … to cut it in the best possible way .

Once done, click on save and you will see how, magically, the background of the image is eliminated and we only keep the object, person, monument, thing … that we cut out. The image can be saved on our reel of the iPhone Y iPad in format PNG and then use it in other photographs, images, Instagram Stories….

PNG image without backgroundPNG image without background

PNG image without background

We hope you found today’s tutorial interesting and that you apply it whenever you want to remove the background of an image.



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