How to remove Siri automations on iPhone or iPad

How to remove Siri automations on iPhone or iPad

We show you how to eliminate Siri automations on both the iPhone and iPad and thus free up some space.

This is how you can remove Siri automations

Today we are going to teach you remove Siri automations on iOS. Without a doubt, a great way to remove those that we no longer use and leave new steps or simply keep the ones that we do want.

When we enter the world of automations, it is likely that we begin to create one after another. This is very good, because we must try and find those that we like the most or that may be more productive for us. The problem comes when we have an endless list of these and we can’t find any.

That is why we are going to explain to you how to eliminate these automations and free up space in this section, so that we can see everything in a better way.

How to remove automations from Siri

Well, the process is very simple and with very few steps we will have everything ready. To do this, we must go to the section of the shortcuts Siri and go directly to the automation.

Once we are here, we will see that it is very simple. You probably haven’t found a way to do it, because we don’t have a button on the screen to do it. The way to do it is sliding automation from right to left

delete automations 1

Swipe from right to left

In this way, if the button appears on the screen <>, which we must press to erase this automation from our device.

This is the way to erase each and every one of those that we have on both our iPhone and iPad and thus clean up our list a bit. As we have commented, it is possible that it is wide and that sometimes we will not find anything.


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