How to remove shortcut notifications on iPhone or iPad

How to remove shortcut notifications on iPhone or iPad

We show you the way to remove notifications from Siri shortcuts on the iPhone or iPad, to avoid appearing every time we activate it.

This is how you can disable shortcut notifications on iOS

Today we are going to teach you remove shortcut notifications on iOS. A good way to prevent that notification from appearing every time we activate a shortcut.

Whenever we activate a Siri shortcut, we see that notification appear at the top. In the case of automations, it also appears on the lock screen. That is why we are looking for a way to avoid this, and although Apple does not give us the possibility, we have found a way to do it.

Therefore, if you want to remove this notification, find out how to do it and thus avoid this notification that we are talking about.

How to remove shortcut notifications on iPhone or iPad

What we must do is somewhat complex, but as we mentioned, everything is because Apple does not enable this function. Therefore, we must go to the section of “Use time”.

Once here, click on the tab «See all the activity». Which appears right at the bottom of the graph that we see at the top …

shortcut notifications 1

We must click on see all the activity

Inside, we will see several graphs, but we must go to the section of “Notifications” what’s at the bottom. In this case, we will find the Shortcuts tab, but we can verify that we cannot enter that tab. In order to enter, we must slide the graph from left to right and the tab is automatically enabled …

shortcut notifications 2

Slide the chart from left to right to enter the tab

Now we just have to enter, and we can directly disable the notifications in this section. This is the only way to deactivate them, from the Notifications section that we have in the settings, we will not be able to do it. So, follow these steps to get it done.

But yes, if you have automations that require verification, if you deactivate the notifications, you will not be able to verify it. So, in this case, don’t turn off notifications.


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