How to Remove ‘Keep Watching’ Content from Netflix

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We show you the way to delete content from ‘Continue watching’ from Netflix and also to be able to do it from our iPhone or iPad.

This is how you can remove content from Netflix’s ‘Continue Watching’

Today we are going to teach you remove content from Netflix’s ‘Keep Watching’. Ideal to go removing those series that we are not going to continue viewing and that do not take up space in this list.

On more than one occasion, we started a series and we don’t like it. This happens too often, and more so on platforms like Netflix, where many series are hosted. Therefore, with the passage of time, we can have several series started and not finished. As a result, we will have a long list of series in the section ‘Keep watching’.

Well, we are going to teach you how to remove that content and stop occupying our place on this list. So, don’t miss a thing because we explain everything.

How to Remove ‘Keep Watching’ Content from Netflix

What we must do is go to the Netflix app and go directly to the section we are talking about. We will find all the content that we are seeing at that moment.

Now we will have to look for that series that we no longer want to see and that we do not want in this list. If we look closely, under the cover of each title, the icon and information and another with three dots appear. It will be the latter that we should press …

remove content from 'Continue watching' 1delete 'Continue Watching' content 1

Click on the three points

When doing so, a pop-up menu is displayed, in which it tells us what we want to do. In our case we must click on <>.

remove content from 'Continue watching' 2remove content from 'Keep watching' 2

Click on the ‘Remove from row’ tab

By clicking on this tab, this series will no longer appear in our list and, therefore, the number of titles that will appear here will be reduced. We can have only those that we are really seeing.

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