How to remove iOS 14 BETA from iPhone and iPadOS 14 BETA from iPad

If you want remove BETA from iOS 14 from your iPhone, or iPadOS 14 from your iPad, to install the official version of the new operating system for devices ios, we are going to tell you which is the best way to do it.

How to remove iOS 14 BETA from iPhone and iPadOS 14 BETA from iPad

We explain how to remove the BETA from iOS 14

If you are tired of BETAS or do you simply want to install official versions of iosToday we are going to tell you what is the best way to do it. One of the tutorials for iOS that surely many of you more will carry out, especially, when the final versions of the new operating systems arrive for iPhone and iPad In September.

It is very, very simple to do. We will always do it from the PUBLIC BETA since we are not to install BETAS other than of this type. If this is your case too, keep reading.

How to remove BETA from iOS 14 from iPhone and iPadOS 14 from iPad:

It is as simple as accessing Settings / General and in the section “Profile” press, access the profile of iOS 14 Beta and click on «Delete profile». When doing this, it will ask us to restart the iPhone what should we do.

Steps to remove BETA from iOS 14How to remove iOS 14 BETA from iPhone and iPadOS 14 BETA from iPad

Steps to remove BETA from iOS 14

Once we restart we will continue in the BETA but without belonging to the group of those called “BetaTesters”. Already Manzana does not have access to the statistics generated by the Beta on our device and, in the next official update that has to ios, we will stop having it since we will install an official and public version of the operating system.

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Do you see how easy?

Remove BETA from iOS immediately:

We also have the ability to do it instantly without having to wait for Apple to release an official iOS version. For this we must restore the iPhone or iPad. But first you should know that the backup copies that have been created while using the version BETA could NOT BE COMPATIBLE with older versions of ios. If you don’t have a backup before installing the BETA, you may not be able to restore the device with the most recent backup… CAUTION !!!

After making this clear, we must do the following:

  • Your Mac must have the latest version of macOS or the latest version of iTunes.
  • Now connect the device to the computer and then put it in recovery mode.
  • When it appears, click the Restore option. This erases the device and will install the current non-beta version of iOS.
  • Wait for the restore to finish. If requested, we will enter our Apple ID and password to disable Activation Lock. If the restore process does not complete, go to the next page for iOS update and restore errors.

Once the restoration process is finished, we can configure our devices from our backup copy which, remember, must belong to the same version ios that we have installed after we stop using the BETA.

We hope this tutorial has come handy for you and see you soon with more and better on this website dedicated to devices of Manzana.


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