How to remove a device from your Apple ID from iPhone or iPad

We show you the way to remove a device from your Apple ID, so you can remove them if you already have them with us or you have sold them.

delete a device

So you can remove a device from your Apple ID

Today we are going to teach you remove a device from your Apple ID. A good way to remove those devices that we no longer have or have renewed.

Surely on more than one occasion, if we have bought a device from Apple and have been renovating them, we see that they continue to appear on our list of devices. And it is that these are not removed even if we have restored the device in question, since we have to remove them from that list.

That is why we are going to explain how to do it, so that only those we are using appear and we eliminate those that we no longer have.

How to remove a device from your Apple ID

The process is very simple and in a few steps we can have removed those Apple products that we are no longer using.

So what we should do is go to the settings of our iPhone or iPad. Once here, we must click on the tab in which our name appears, that is, in the first tab that we see as soon as we enter settings.

Once here, we will see that all the data related to our Apple ID appears, such as iCloud, App Store … But what really interests us is the section that we see at the bottom. Here we see all the devices that we have connected with our Apple ID.

delete a device 1delete a device 1

Enter our section from settings

Well, what we should do now is enter the product that we no longer have and remove it from the list. Once inside, we scroll to the bottom and the tab of <>.

Once this is done, they will no longer appear in our list of devices connected to our Apple ID.

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