How to record a voiceover on a video from iPhone

How to record a voiceover on a video from iPhone

We show you how to record a voiceover in a video from our own iPhone or from the iPad, in a simple way.

record a voiceover

So you can record a voiceover

Today we are going to teach you record a voiceover. A great way to record better videos and to achieve the result that we really want.

When we watch videos on social networks, it is likely that we have seen some in which a voice-over sounds. What this voice does is comment on what is happening in the video or what is going to happen. You may think that this is very difficult to do and that it is beyond your knowledge.

Well, in APPerlas We are going to show you how to do it and that it is also the simplest you have ever seen. So let’s go.

How to record a voiceover in a video

We have already told you that the process is very simple. For it, we are going to need an app that is from Apple and therefore, it is totally free. Another point in favor is that it does not have any advertising and that we can use all the functions.

Therefore, we download the app CLIPS. Once we have it downloaded, we enter it and select the one from our library, the video to which we want to add the voice-over. To do this, it is as simple as clicking on the icon that we see with the logo of the Photos app.

record a voiceover 1record a voice over 1

Find the video on the reel

Once we select the video and have it on the screen, the operation of this app is somewhat peculiar. To do anything we must record the video again, that is, we are adding the functions that we want and we are recording. In this case, since what we want is to record a voiceover, just we must press the record button and start talking.

record a voiceover 2record a voice in off 2

Press and hold the button to record

Once this is done, we will have our video recorded with our voice. In this simple way we can record a video with a voiceover. So now you know how you can make these types of videos without any problem.


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