How to recognize songs within apps from the control center

How to recognize songs within apps from the control center

We show you how to be able to recognize songs within apps using only the control center and the Shazam extension.

In this way you can recognize songs within the apps

Today we are going to teach you recognize songs within apps, using the control center. A great way to know the songs we are listening to and to save the ones we like.

We already explained to you a long time ago, how to add the shazam extension to our control center. With this extension, we will not need to have the app installed on our device, since with it we will do exactly the same. But this time we are not going to talk about this, if not about the way we have to recognize any song that sounds within an app.

So if you’ve ever heard a song on Instagram, on TikTok … and you didn’t know what it was, with this trick you will be able to get it.

How to recognize songs within apps

First of all, we must have the extension activated In our control center, with this, we will be able to carry out the entire process.

Therefore, what we do now is go to whatever app that song that is playing is in. When we have it and it’s reproducing, click on the extension that we have indicated, which is in the control center. By doing this, it will recognize the song and A notification will appear with the name of it

recognize songs within apps 1

Play the song and tap on the Shazam extension

In this simple way, we can recognize any song that sounds within an app and instantly know its title. Undoubtedly, a function that is somewhat hidden, but in APPerlas we make it available to you without any problem.


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