How to recognize PNG images with free transparent background, on iPhone

How to recognize PNG images with free transparent background, on iPhone

If you use Google to search and download photos in PNGYou will surely love this article. We are going to teach you a trick to recognize png images at first.

How to recognize PNG images

How to recognize PNG images

We bring you one of our tutorials for iOS that surely will come from pearls. If you are one of the users who loves to make photographic compositions or you are a crack of Instagram stories and you usually add this type of images in your stories, we are going to give you a joy.

We have found a way to know what image is PNG and which not, in a 100% accurate way. And all thanks to an animation by Safari in iOS that allows us to know.

How to recognize PNG images with a transparent background:

When looking for an object, thing, element … in PNG, in images of GoogleMany of those that appear in the search engine are not. Normally this image format comes with a gray and white squared background, but all that appear in the search result are not PNG.

Normally to detect them, which is somewhat difficult at first, we were guided by the white or black background that accompanies some of them. That betrayed, almost always, that when pressed they were presented with the famous background of squares that we have mentioned before. But that is something that often fails. By downloading the image and using it in our photo editor or Instagram stories, we realize that it is not PNG.

Well, in the following video we show you how to recognize images PNG, with an effectiveness of 100%.

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What do you think?. Looking at the effect that the image does when you press it to download it on our photo reel, you will see if it is an image or not PNG.

In addition, in it we have explained how to do one of the actions that do many @ s cracks from Instagram stories, to differentiate yourself from everyone else. If you want to know it more in depth, we recommend you read our article in which we explain this great hack for instagram stories.

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