How to receive WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch

How to receive WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch

We show you the way to receive all the WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch, so as not to miss any message.

WhatsApp on Apple Watch

Today we are going to show you how to receive notifications from WhatsApp in the Apple watch. A great idea to always be aware of who is talking to you or who stops talking to you. In this way we will decide if we want to remove the iPhone or not.

We have already told you on several occasions about everything we can do with it apple watch. and it is that each day that passes, it becomes more functional and productive. One of the most outstanding functions is to receive and answer messages from it. Manzana Watch. Apps like Telegram, have a app specifies for WatchOS. But in the case of WhatsApp, this has not happened yet.

That is why we are going to show you how we can receive notifications from WhatsApp on the clock and be able to answer them quickly.

How to receive WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch:

What we have to do is go to the app of Watch that we have installed in the iPhone. Once here, on the main screen, click on the tab “Notifications”. We slide to the bottom and we will see all the applications that we have installed.

On the one hand we will see the apps what is available for WatchOS and on the other, the applications from which we can receive a duplicate notification of the ones we receive in the iPhone. In this case and in this section, we find the app from WhatsApp.

Activate WhatsApp notifications

Activate WhatsApp notifications

It is likely that if we do not receive notifications on the clock, it is because we do not have this tab activated. When we set up the watch for the first time, it asks us if we want to receive a duplicate of the notifications from the iPhone in the Watch. In the event that we say no, be it due to ignorance or because we simply do not want notifications, this section is the one that we must activate.

You should also review the WhatsApp notifications on iPhone, on Settings / Notifications. In it you must have activated “enable notifications”, unless the notice in Locked screen, Notification center and / or strips. We advise you to activate, above all, the LOCKED SCREEN.

Also, within the application settings we must activate the display of message and group notifications, in addition to activating the app notifications, for example, activating “Strips”. Now every time we receive a message, we will receive it on the watch and we can also answer. A good way to save battery life on the iPhone and to reply more urgently to the most important messages.



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