How to read conversations on Telegram without entering the chat or being seen

How to free up space on Telegram and iPhone by activating this function

We show you the way to read conversations on Telegram without the need to enter the chat and let the other person see that we have read it.

So you can read conversations on Telegram without entering the chat

Today we are going to teach you to read conversations in Telegram without being seen. That is, we can see any chat without the other person knowing, and also see the entire conversation.

We all know when a person reads a message on Telegram But many do not know that there are a large number of functions that are hidden and that they can come in handy in our day to day. That is why we must always pay attention to all the menus and all the options that we have available in this instant messaging app.

We are going to focus in this case on a function that is sure to be great for you. We will be able to read the conversations, complete, without having to open the chat and have the other person see it.

How to read conversations on Telegram without entering the chat:

What we must do is go to the app Telegram and look for that chat we want to see. When we have it located, the really good begins.

We must hold down, with a long press, the chat we want to see. By doing so, we see that the conversation opens up to us in a small way and we can also interact with it.

Telegram without entering chat 1Telegram without entering chat 1

Open the chat small and move up or down

To do it, with the window open in small, we can move up or down as if we had opened the chat.

In this way we can read any conversation we have without seeing, open it small and let the other person find out about it. That is, we will read without being seen and therefore, it will not appear that we have read the messages that have been sent to us.

So if you were unaware of this trick of Telegram, put it into practice because it sure is really good for you … Especially for those conversations in which you need a little more time to answer.



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