How to quickly access the QR code of WhatsApp on iPhone

Reduce data consumption by changing these settings on WhatsApp

We show you the way to quickly access the QR code of WhatsApp from our iPhone and thus be able to share it with whoever you want.

WhatsApp QR code

So you can quickly access the WhatsApp QR code

Today we are going to teach you access the WhatsApp QR code on the iPhone. Ideal for not having to give our number to anyone and also, it is much faster.

Surely on many occasions you have been lazy to give your phone number or you have ended up asking for the other person’s and then calling them so that they have you too. This has changed and WhatsApp makes it much easier for us. With just the press of a button, we will be able to show our QR code which will be our contact information.

For this, it is as easy as entering the app and the settings, but we will explain it in more detail so that you can easily see it.

How to quickly access the QR code of WhatsApp

As we have mentioned, we must access the instant messaging app that we are talking about. Once here, we go to the settings of it.

We should look at the top, where our profile picture and name appear. We will see that an icon with the QR symbol appears on the right side.

From the settings, we access the first section and click on the QR icon

Click on this icon and it automatically generates the code, which will be ready to be used. Now the other person just has to scan it and they will already have us added as a contact.

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Therefore, from now on when you have to give your phone number, perhaps this is a good way to do it and thus avoid anyone knowing what your number is or hearing it behind your back.


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