How to put stickers on the Twitter Fleet from the iPhone

How to put stickers on the Twitter Fleet from the iPhone

We show you how to put stickers on the Fleet of Twitter so that you can further customize this function of the social network.

stickers on the Fleet

This is how you can add the stickers to the Fleet

Today we are going to teach you put stickers on the Twitter Fleet. Undoubtedly an option that was being requested and with which we can further personalize our publications.

The truth is that this Twitter function has passed with more pain than glory and it is surely not what the developers of the blue bird social network expected. But even so, they have not abandoned it and are implementing new functions, such as the one we discussed in this article.

If you use this Twitter feature, you are certainly in luck, because this is something that you were surely waiting for.

How to put stickers on Twitter Fleet

The process is very simple, just we must go to create a new publication in the Fleet. Once here, we take the photo, video or whatever we want.

It will be then when we can include these stickers that we are talking about. To do this, we just have to click on the icon that appears at the bottom left …

stickers on Fleet 1stickers on Fleet 1

Click on the face icon

By clicking on this icon, The entire list of stickers will appear that we can select. We include it in our ready publication. In this simple way we can further personalize our photos or videos that we want to share from this Twitter function.

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Perhaps it is one more push from the developers to continue using this function, which will surely disappear with the passage of time. But in the meantime, you always have to use and take advantage of all the functionalities that an app or in this case a social network, provides us and also for free.


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