How to put iPhone camera full screen

How to improve the QUALITY of photos taken with iPhone

We show you how to be able to put the iPhone camera full screen and thus when taking a photo, see it completely.

So you can put the iPhone camera full screen every time you use the zoom, so you don’t miss anything.

Today we are going to teach you put the iPhone camera full screen. A great way to take better photos, since we have a better perspective.

When we take photos with the iPhone, one but that we can put, if it has one, is that the image is always cut out with those black frames. By this we mean that the shutter is in black frames, as well as the different functions that we find in the camera.

Well, we can remove these edges and let the camera see full screen, in this way we will enjoy the entire camera.

How to put iPhone camera full screen

What we must do is go to the device settings and go directly to the camera section. Here we will find all the adjustments that we can make in the native camera app, so that our photos come out as best as possible.

But in this case, we must look at the section <> and we must activate the function <>.

iPhone camera full screen 1iPhone camera full screen 1

Activate the following setting

Now when we open the camera, we will see that everything is seen in full screen. In this way, we can take more complete and obviously higher quality images. In the frame we will see more image and therefore, the finish that we will achieve will be much better.

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So if your iPhone is compatible, since it is a function that is in the iPhone 11 onwards, you can activate it and when you use the zoom, you will see this effect that we are talking about.


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