How to put emojis on iPhone directly and without looking for them

How to put emojis on iPhone directly and without looking for them

We are talking about a hidden function with which you can put emojis on iPhone very quickly. You will no longer have to search for emoticons to add them to your messages.

Put emojis on iPhone automatically

Today we bring you one of our iOS tutorials With which we are going to teach you not to have to look for emojis on your keyboard, since with this function they will automatically appear in the text that we have written.

We discovered a way with which the emoticons will appear directly in the written text. In this way we can select if we want to use it, or not, in the message we want to send.

Of course, at the moment this option is only available in the messages app of ios, so we will not be able to use it in another messaging app. even if we can copy the text and then paste it into any other app.

How to put Emojis on iPhone in a faster way:

As we have mentioned, this function is only available for the message app of the iPhone. Therefore we turn to her and begin to write a text.

When we have written the text and want to incorporate an emoji, click on the emojis button that appears in the lower left part of the keyboard. When you click on it, the words that we can change into emojis will appear in orange in the text. They will appear to us as we see in this image …

Text to change to emojis

Text to swap for emojis

To change it to emojis, click on each word in yellow and it changes to an emoji. In addition, those words that we can change for more than one emoji, a small menu will appear with more options to choose from. The message could remain such that …

Message with emojisMessage with emojis

Message with emojis

In this way we can make use of emojis much faster and also in a very interesting way.

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We hope you found this trick interesting and share it with all those who may be interested


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