How to put Apple’s apple on Instagram, Twitter … from iPhone 

How to put Apple's apple on Instagram, Twitter ... from iPhone 

Today we teach you to put the apple apple in any social network or wherever you want. All this done from your iPhone, iPad or ipod touch.

How to put Apple apple on Instagram

Apple’s apple on our Instagram profile

Many of you have asked us this during the long history of this website. Today we bring you one of our tutorials for iPhone, in which we explain how to put the apple of Manzana in the nick of Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook … .

We are going to tell you two ways to do this action. One using a free application and the other in which we are going to provide you with the symbol so you can stick it wherever you want.

How to put the Apple Apple on Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp …:

These are two ways to do it.

Put the apple symbol using the Unicode Pad Express app:

The first thing to do is download the free application Unicode Pad Express:

Download Unicode Pad Express

Once installed, we enter it and access the menu called Miscellaneous Symbols.

Unicode Pad Express AppUnicode Pad Express App

Click on the indicated menu

Upon entering we move down to the bottom. It is there where we will see the symbol of the apple of Manzana.

Apple apple symbolApple apple symbol

Apple symbol apple

We keep pressed the symbol and, in the two options that appear, we select Copy.

Once this is done, we will have it copied to the clipboard so that we can paste it in the place we want simply by pressing the screen, in the place we want to put it, and choosing the option «PASTE«.

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Put the Apple apple by copying the symbol and creating a quick function:

By following the steps below, you can create quick access to the Apple symbol.

  1. Copy the symbol shown below (keep it pressed and choose the “copy” option)
  2. Now access the following path Settings / General / Keyboard / Text substitution.
  3. Press the “+” symbol to add the bitten apple.
  4. In “Phrase” paste the apple symbol and in “Quick Function” write the phrase that will “trigger” the symbol. As an example, every time we put «//» we write the apple symbol.
  5. Once configured, click on save.

This is another easy and simple way to put the apple of MANZANA anywhere you want. In addition, we can put, with this same procedure, any of the symbols that appear in the app Unicode Pad Express.


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