How to put animated stickers on Telegram photos

How to put animated stickers on Telegram photos

We show you the way to put animated stickers on the Telegram photos and thus be able to share them in this way with whoever we want.

animated stickers on photos

So you can put animated stickers on photos

Today we are going to teach you put animated stickers on Telegram photos. A great way to give a different touch to these photos and make them more fun.

Telegram is always implementing news and always surprises us with something new. Many are the ideas that WhatsApp has copied from this messaging app, since many of them are functions that users ask for. In this case we have a good way to make our photos more fun.

For this, we are going to explain how to put both animated and fixed stickers on the photos that we are going to share.

How to put animated stickers on Telegram photos

What we must do is go to the Telegram app, enter the conversation in which we are going to send the photo we want. We look for it from the menu <> and instead of marking it, we must press on it to open it.

Once we have it open, we will see that several options appear at the bottom, among which is the Brush…

animated stickers on photos 1animated stickers on photos 1

Click on the brush

Click on this and we will see these icons that we talked about again, but this time we click on the icon of the stickers …

animated stickers on photos 2animated stickers on photos 2

Click on the sticker icon and choose the one you want

Now we can add the sticker we want, either animated or fixed. In the event that it is animated, the image will be sent as a GIF to the contact in which we are creating said image with the animated stickers.

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So again a great success of Telegram, which allows us to create this type of images from the same messaging app.

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