How to put a profile picture on Amazon from your app

We show you the way to put a profile picture on Amazon, so that when you write a review, this is the image you see.

profile picture on Amazon

So you can put a profile picture on Amazon

Today we are going to teach you put a profile picture on Amazon. A great way to show off your image and be taken more seriously when writing a review.

Surely many times you have seen that users who write comments on products, have a profile picture and have inspired much more confidence. However, there are others who do not have it and therefore, they are not made the same case. So you want to know how to put that profile picture on your account.

And this is where we come in, since we are going to explain step by step how to do it, and from the iOS app itself.

How to put a profile picture on Amazon

What we should do is go to the app and go directly to our profile. For that we click on the icon that appears at the bottom with the silhouette of a person.

When we click on it, it will take us directly to our profile, where we can change or put a profile picture. To do this, click on the photo icon that appears in the upper right.

profile picture on Amazon 1profile picture on Amazon 1

Click on the image icon

It will take us to our “private life” Amazon, where everything we see, only we can see, but where we can choose a profile picture.

How to put a profile picture on Amazon from your appHow to put a profile picture on Amazon from your app

Click on the photo icon

We just have to select an image from our photo library and we can even make one right then and there. We will already have our profile picture ready to be shared with the rest of Amazon users.

Now every time we write a comment or contact a seller, they can see our profile picture and know who they are talking to at all times.

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