How to put a custom ringtone on iPhone with this app

How to put a custom ringtone on iPhone with this app

We are talking about a free application that will allow us to put the custom ringtone that we want, in our iPhone. All this in an easy way and with all the steps very well explained.

App to put a personalized ringtone on iPhone

If you are one of the people who think you can’t put a custom ringtone on iPhone, in this article we are going to explain that you are wrong. The application that we bring you is a fantastic tool to make sound, in any incoming call, that song that you like so much.

In the App Store there are iPhone apps of all kinds including, as you are going to see below, tools to customize the iPhone to your liking.

How to put a custom ringtone on iPhone:

Any song, sound … your own voice, you can turn it into a tone for your iPhone thanks to Ringtones Maker.

Once we open the app, of which we leave the download link at the end of the article, a screen will appear with a button in purple and with a “+” inside. By clicking on it we access the following menu.

Ringtones Maker app menu

Ringtones Maker app menu

Below we explain what we can do in each of the options that appear:

  • Import from video: With this option we can access any video that we have on our reel from which we can extract the sound. For us it is the best option of the app. We will can download Youtube videos and then extract the audio to turn it into a ringtone for our iPhone.
  • Upload from PC: It allows us to remotely access our computer to be able to import videos, MP3 songs, etc …
  • Download: Being a Japanese app, many topics will appear in that language. You can click on them to listen to them. In the tab “Occident” that appears in the menu at the top of the screen, we can find songs in western languages.
  • More: Allows us to import songs from Apple Music, from a file, create a spoken text, record ourselves….

Once we have the tone on the main screen of the app, options will appear with which we can cut the audio, rename it, export it to other types of files … and, the most important option, “Make”.

Create your custom iPhone ringtone

Create your custom ringtone for iPhone

We have to warn that in order to set the tone we want, we must have the app installed on our device Garageband.

Clicking on “Make” A tutorial will appear that we must follow step by step to convert that audio into a personalized tone for your iPhone.

Download charging sounds for iPhone:

It also allows us to download charging sounds so that, when charging our iPhone, we can listen to the sound we want. This is done through the shortcuts app and in the application they explain how to do it.

We also explain it to you in the following video in a very detailed way:

We explain how to set an alarm but you can put the sound that you want.

Ringtones Maker It is very easy to use and, in addition, it explains very well how to install the tones. We encourage you to install the app:

Download Ringtones Maker

We hope you found the application interesting and that you share it with all those who may be interested.

These tones can also be converted into alarm ringtones for iPhone.


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