How to put a cover to an Instagram reel before publishing it

Instagram will improve its profile blocking function

We show you the way to add a cover to an Instagram reel that we have created and add that cover before publishing.

So you can put a cover to an Instagram reel

Today we are going to teach you put a cover to an Instagram reel. Ideal to give our Instagram feed a different touch and make it look much more professional.

When we start posting on Instagram, we might get a bit lost in the content we can post. And no longer amid so much content, it is possible that we get lost with the amount of means we have to get our information or our photos and videos to other people.

In this specific article we are going to discuss reels, a function that Instagram is giving a lot of value to and that therefore, you are interested in knowing very well how it works. And for this, you must know how to add a cover to each and every one of these publications that you are going to make.

How to add a cover to an Instagram reel before publishing it

The process is very simple, but it is possible that if you do not look closely, this option will go unnoticed. And yes, once you have published, you will no longer be able to add a cover.

Therefore, when we are in the final screen, in which we have to add a description, choose if we want to publish it in our news … It will be here where we can add that cover. To do this, click on the thumbnail image that we see at the top left, with the text of “Cover page”.

cover to a reel 1

Click on the Cover tab

Once this is done, it will take us to the menu in which it lets us select a part of our video as the cover or do it from the reel, if we have created one. We will we advise you to create a, because aesthetically it looks better and even if you don’t believe it, Instagram rewards it more and therefore, will have more scope.

cover to a reel 2

Choose the image from our library

We select from our library the cover image we want and that’s it. We will have our perfect reel ready to be published. Now in the section of the reels of our feed, this one that we have created will appear, with the cover image that we have uploaded.


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