How to put a colored background on Instagram Stories

How to have more colors on Instagram when writing

We show you the way to put a colored background in Instagram Stories and in this way to be able to hide what is underneath or your new publication.

colored background on Instagram

So you can put a colored background on Instagram

Today we are going to teach you how to put a colored background in Instagram Stories. Without a doubt a good way to hide what is underneath, in its entirety or that is slightly visible.

When we make a publication on Instagram Stories, there are thousands of possibilities we have to create the best of all. We have already given you tips or tricks on multiple occasions to do so. In this case, it was not going to be less and we are going to show you a little trick that will come in handy.

So be attentive to what we are going to tell you because surely you can implement it in your future publications on this social network.

How to put a colored background on Instagram Stories

What we must do is very simple, for this we go to the section of creating a Stories and we select the photo we want. In this way we will be able to hide our photo and thus create some emotion with the following publications.

Therefore, we select the photo and then click on the lines icon what we see at the top …

colored background on Instagram 1background color on Instagram 1

Click on the line icon

By clicking here, we will see that different formats appear that we can select. This is generally used to create a freestyle drawing, to write … But in this case, we are going to use it to create a background of the same color. To do this, we select the format we want (pencil, marker …), select the color … and hold down the screen where the image is located.

colored background on Instagram 2colored background on Instagram 2

Press on the screen and then delete the part we want to see

In this way, we will see that the entire screen is painted the same color. In the case that we select the highlighter, the effect it will leave will be as translucent. A very good effect to hide a new publication and that our followers go to see it.

In addition, we can use the eraser to eliminate a part of the color and let the background that we have on show through. As you can see, we have several possibilities that we can use and thus create the best stories of all.


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