How to publish a reel and not appear in the main section of the app

How to publish a reel and not appear in the main section of the app

We show you the way to publish a reel and that it does not appear with the rest of Instagram publications, that is, on the main screen.

post a reel

This way you can avoid publishing a reel and having it appear in the news section

Today we are going to teach you post a reel and not appear on Instagram posts. A good way for these publications to appear only in the section that corresponds to them.

Today we all know the reels and the app from which they were copied. But this does not mean that they are not important and this is what happens, that Instagram gives them enough importance. It is possible that when you publish one, it will appear next to the rest of the publications, we will try to avoid this.

So if you want to have all your publications differentiated, read on and find out how to differentiate them so that each one is in its place.

How to publish a reel and not appear in publications

What we must do is go to the section of the reels. Obviously, we must do the same as we do when we want to publish a new one.

When we have it created and we know what we are going to publish, that is, we have reached the section in which we already have to click the publish button. It will be here where we will see this function that we are talking about …

publish a reel 1post a reel 1

Disable function

We must deactivate the tab <>. In this way, this publication will not appear in the main section, but nevertheless it will appear in the section we want, which is the reels section.

Therefore, if you were looking for this option, this is the way to make and dedicate the section it deserves to each function. Without a doubt, we must take advantage of all the tools that Instagram gives us, if we want to grow our account.


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