How to protect the tweets you post on this social network

How to protect the tweets you post on this social network

We show you the way to protect the tweets that we publish in the Twitter app and so only our followers will be able to see them.

protect tweets

So you can protect the tweets you post

Today we are going to teach you protect the tweets we post on Twitter. Without a doubt, a good way to protect our content and that only our followers can see it.

Twitter It has become our digital newspaper. That is, it is the place where we can find information of all kinds and also in real time. That is why we have before us the largest digital media of information that we can find today.

But this is also a double-edged sword, since anyone can see the content we publish. So in APPerlas we are going to show you a way to protect what we publish and that only those who follow us have access to it.

How to protect the tweets you post on Twitter

What we must do is access the Twitter configuration section and go directly to the <>.

When we enter this section, we will see at the top the option that really interests us. This is neither more nor less than that of <>.

Enter the Privacy and security section

We select this option and as we are well told in the legend, only our followers will be able to see what we have published. By approving this option, when we have a new follower, we must accept it so that it can see our content.

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So if you want to have your account a little more protected, we recommend that you activate this function and only those people you want will see your content. A good Twitter function that is somewhat hidden, but that in APPerlas we show you once again.


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