How to prevent us from deleting an app from the iPhone, without permission

How to prevent us from deleting an app from the iPhone, without permission

Today we are going to teach you prevent an app from being deleted from our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Prevent an app from being removed without permission

At some time, surely it has happened to us, someone has taken our device and inadvertently or unwillingly, has deleted an app without our consent. This is obviously very annoying. Nobody likes to be taken our iPhone and, much less, that they touch us Applications.

So that this does not happen, Manzana it gives us the possibility to avoid it. We can block the option to delete an application, at will. Something really good, if they are used to taking our device or if there are small children at home …

How to prevent us from deleting an app on the iPhone and iPad:

We advise that this tutorial is explained for iOS 12 and higher. If you have an older iOS device, it won’t work for you.

How almost whenever we want to modify something, we must go to the menu of Settings / Time of use / Restrictions.

Here the following options will appear:

Click on Restrictions

Click on Restrictions

How we show you in the image above, after clicking on «Restrictions» a new menu will appear where we must click on the option “ITunes and App Store Purchases”. When doing so, the following will appear:

Do not allow apps to be removed

Don’t allow apps to be removed

Click on «Delete Apps» and in the two options that we will see, click on “Do not allow”.

In this way, we will no longer be able to delete any app, unless we enter this menu and deactivate it. You can try it yourself. Hold down an application to delete it … Don’t you see the option to delete it?

Ideal to prevent apps from being deleted without our consent. It also comes in handy if there are children at home. We will prevent applications from being removed in their tests with the iPhone and the iPad… hehehehe. A good way to anticipate what may happen.

Another of our iOS tutorials that it will surely come in handy to know. There are times that Manzana it hides the options in its settings and it is difficult to find them. It happened with the function of the auto brightness and with others like the one we have talked about today.

Manzana… Don’t hide the functions so much !!!



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