How to prevent music volume from being lowered automatically

How to prevent music volume from being lowered automatically

We show you how to prevent the music volume from being lowered automatically on our iPhone, when we have headphones.

music volume

Prevent music volume from turning down automatically

Today we are going to teach you prevent music volume from being lowered automatically on iPhone. Ideal when we carry the AirPods, for example.

Something we saw with the arrival of iOS 14, was the safety of our hearing. Apple placed great emphasis on this and provided us with the necessary tools to care for our hearing. That is why, on many occasions when we listen to music with a Bluetooth speaker, we see that the volume is lowered without us doing anything.

Well in APPerlas We are going to show you how to avoid this and that the volume continues to be at the levels that we set.

How to prevent music volume from being lowered automatically

The process is very simple and in a few steps we will verify that the volume of our music is never lowered again.

To do this, we must go to the device settings and to go directly to the section of Bluetooth. Once here, we look for the device in which the volume is lowered without even realizing it. It is possible, for example, that the volume is lowered in a device that we have connected in the car, as has been our case on several occasions.

So we look, this time, for that device that we connect in the car. When we locate it, click on the symbol <> that we see on the right side …

music volume 1volume of the music 1

Click on device information

By clicking here, we will see that several tabs appear, among which, at the top we see the one of the <>.

music volume 2volume of music 2

Select device type

We select this and access a list in which they put several devices to configure. In our case, as it is a Bluetooth car device, we choose the option of <>, but we can select between:

  • Car stereo
  • Handset
  • Headset
  • Speaker
  • Other

By default the one of <> and that’s why our iPhone lowers the volume automatically. Since it is a speaker, it is very likely that we have it set to the maximum. From what the iPhone understands that you have wearing headphones to the maximum for quite some time. For this reason, lower the volume.

Now you know how to configure your Bluetooth speakers so that the volume is not lowered without your consent.

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