How to prevent Instagram photos from being saved on the reel

Instagram Stories allows to create Boomerang again with Live Photo

If you want to prevent Instagram photos that you have uploaded, they are saved on your reel, follow the steps that we are going to give you below …

than Instagram photos

Don’t save Instagram photos

Today we are going to teach you how to prevent photos of Instagram that we have uploaded, on our reel. A good way to save space in the iPhone, with this advice that you surely did not know.

Instagram It has already become the leading social network of the moment. Without a doubt, little by little it has been making a dent in all our devices. This has caused more and more companies to want to advertise their products on this social network. Doing so, that its users grow more and more every day.

But surely if we usually upload photos from time to time, we have noticed something. And it is that when uploading a photo, already with its filter and others, we see that it is also saved on the reel. This causes the memory of the iPhone, take care without realizing it.

How to prevent Instagram photos from being saved on the reel:

To do this, we go to the app. Once here we must access our profile, by clicking on the button on the right that appears in the lower menu of the screen. Now we will click on the tab that is located in the upper right part of our screen, the famous icon of the three horizontal stripes.

Access the Instagram settings

Access the Instagram settings.

Once the menu appears, we will click on the option “Setting” and in the new list of options that will appear, we will choose “Account”. Accessing here, we will find many options and settings that we can modify to our liking. In these sections, we must look at the tab «Original photos» and he pressed it.

We will see that a new screen appears, but this time with only one option. This setting is activated by default, what we must do is deactivate it.

Deactivate this option if you do not want to save the photo on your reel

Disable this option if you do not want to save the photo on your roll.

When deactivated, when we upload a photo, it will not be saved on the reel. Therefore, we will keep the original photo, but not the one we uploaded to

How to prevent your Instagram stories from being saved on the iPhone reel:

If what you want is for us to save your stories on your reel, go to Instagram, click on your profile and then access the app settings and follow the following route: Settings / Privacy / History and there you can uncheck the option “Save to reel”.

In that section titled as “Saved”, you can manage if you want to save your Stories at iPhone in the archives of Instagram.

Undoubtedly a very good option to consider, if we also have little space in our iPhone.


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