How to play Uno, the fashionable card game for iPhone

How to play Uno, the fashionable card game for iPhone

We tell you how to play Uno, a fun and simple card game that has become one of the most played social games in iPhone. Download it because it ensures hours, days, months … of fun.

We explain how UNO is played

We explain how UNO is played

Between the games for iPhone most downloaded and played in iOS, this ONE!, a simple and very fun card game that can be played by people of all ages. A game where you can have a game with friends, family or players from all over the world.

Board and card games have long been an icon at family and friends gatherings. Today, with the revolution of new technologies, we can play them with people from all over the world, anytime, anywhere. That if, for this we must have an internet connection.

Let’s see how it is played and the rules of the game we are talking about today.

How to play UNO, the funniest card game on the App Store:

Before starting with the rules of the game, we show you in the following video how this card game is for iPhone. Pressing on the “play” should appear directly to you, the moment in which we mentioned ONE!. If it didn’t appear, go directly to the minute 4:29:

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After seeing what UNO is like, we are going to tell you how UNO is played.

Purpose of the card game UNO !:

Our goal is to get rid of the 7 cards, which are dealt to us at the beginning of the game, before our opponents.

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How to play UNO:

At the beginning a card is drawn and the players, in their corresponding turn, must throw one of their cards as long as they have one of the same color or the same number. The special action cards with particular rules that we will explain later.

If a player cannot put a card, he must take a card from the deck. If he can play that card he will throw it, if not he will pass the turn to the next player.

In the course of the game, whoever casts his penultimate card, must say “ONE” to indicate that he has the last card left in his hand. If one player forgets it and the other notices it on time, before the next player has taken or laid down a card, he will have to take two cards from the deck as a penalty.

The winner of the round is he who puts the last card and runs out of cards in his hand. Points are totaled and a new round begins.

Action cards in the card game UNO !:

Letter +2Letter +2

Letter +2

This card causes the next player to take two cards from the deck and cannot roll any cards in that round. You can only draw on a card with the same color or other cards “take two”.

Letter of U-TurnLetter of U-Turn

Letter of change of direction

With this card the meaning of the game is changed. If the direction of play is to the left, from the moment this card is cast it will be done in the opposite direction, it will be played to the right. The card can only be drawn on a card of the same color or on another U-turn card.

Block card in game ONE!Block card in game ONE!

Blocking card in the UNO game!

When this card is rolled in the message, the next player will be “jumped” and will not be able to roll in that round. The card can only be rolled on a card of a similar color or on another blocking card.

Color choice cardColor choice card

Color choice chart

With this card the player decides which color is still in play. Also the color present on the table can be chosen. A color choice card can also be put when the player can put a different card that matches the one on the table.

Card +4 colors of ONE!Card +4 colors of ONE!

Card +4 colors of ONE!

Is the best. The player decides which color remains in the game. Also, the next player must draw four cards. This card can ONLY be placed if the player does not have cards that correspond to the color or number of the one on the table.

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If the next player believes that the card was played poorly, he can challenge the player who drew it. You must then justify by showing your cards that you could not actually operate correctly. If you are guilty, you will draw 4 cards. If not, the challenger will draw 6 cards.

Download this card game:

What do you think?. The game seems somewhat complex but it is not. We encourage you to download and play it so you can see that it is super simple. Even my 5-year-old plays it, in his own way, but he understands the rules almost entirely.

Download UNO!

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