Among Us !, the fun game that is all the rage around the world

How to play Among US !. Tips and tricks to succeed

We are going to explain in a very simple way how to play Among US!. If you don’t know, it’s the game that half the world is currently playing.

 We explain how to play Among Us!

We explain how to play Among Us!

Among US! It is an adventure in which we play with more players, so On-line or Local, where we will have to perform tasks inside the ship to ensure that it does not crash.

If all the participants in the game do their corresponding tasks, the progress bar that appears in the upper right part will be completed until when we reach 100% the game will end and we will be winners.

Everything seems simple and easy, right? Well, we have to say no. Among all the players there are imposters who will want to prevent us from saving the ship. We will have to try to know who or who they are.

How to play Among US! with friends, private and public games, change language …:

In the following video on our channel Youtube we explain EVERYTHING about this game. How to configure it, what we have to do if we are impostors, what to do if we are crew members, how to play with friends…. If you are more to read, below we explain it in writing:

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The fact that there are imposters on the team is what gives sexapil to the game. If it weren’t very boring, don’t you think? The point is that the game is played in the following way.

Play Among US! in Online or Local modeHow to play Among US !.  Tips and tricks to succeed

Play Among US! in Online or Local mode

The first thing you have to do is choose if you want to play in On-line, with players from all over the world, or locally, with friends, family, colleagues … that you are in the same place.

Once you know who you want to play against, click on the option “Local“Or”On-line”And you create a game, you will access a private game created by someone who has given you the access code or, more often than not, you play a public game online.

When entering the room where you can access public games online, the first thing we have to choose is the number of impostors that you want there to be in the game.

Choose game and impostors of the sameHow to play Among US !.  Tips and tricks to succeed

Choose game and impostors of the same

You can choose, at random, 1, 2 or 3.

Once we have them chosen, we enter a room where we must wait to reach the number of players established to start the game. Once we get it we will start.

Start of the game in Among US !. We are the impostor:

The Among US game begins!Start the game of Among US!

The game of Among US begins!

This is the first image that will appear to us. It is the moment in which who or who are the impostors will be assigned.

If you are chosen as an impostor, our mission is to try to abort the rescue mission of the ship. That is why we can kill players and sabotage the ship, but that if and VERY IMPORTANT, no one has to watch you commit your misdeeds.

Play as an imposterPlay as an imposter

Play as an imposter

If someone sees you kill, sabotage, hide in trap doors (which only imposters can do), the player who sees you can report you to an assembly where the player who is supposedly the imposter will be voted on.

A discussion begins after which the person who is supposed to be the imposter will be voted on. If you are not chosen and you manage to avoid the situation, they will throw the person who has obtained the most votes from the ship and the game continues, less with the person who has cast.

Assembly to determine who or who are the impostorsHow to play Among US !.  Tips and tricks to succeed

Assembly to determine who or who are the impostors

That is why it is very important to be stealthy and try that, little by little, the ship runs out of players.

How to play if we are a crew member in the game:

If at the beginning you are not chosen as an impostor, our mission will be to carry out the tests that appear on the map of the ship.

Play as Crewmate, Crewmate in EnglishHow to play Among US !.  Tips and tricks to succeed

Play as a Crewmate, Crewmate in English

In addition to that, we will have to observe all the other players to detect who the impostor is.

Once we have all the tests assigned, carried out, our task will be to investigate who is the person who wants to sabotage the game.

If we see someone kill, come out of a sewer, or have weird behavior, we need to report it quickly. If we see a death, we have to press the button “Report”That appears on the right side of the screen. With the anomalous behaviors, we have to go to the area of ​​the ship where to press the alarm button and comment on the play and try to convince the participants that the person you have seen is possibly the impostor.

Of course, do it well because they can suspect you and vote for you and, if you are not the impostor, kick you off the ship through no fault of your own.

What to do if you are killed or expelled from the ship:

You become a ghost that will be able to carry out the tests of the game and, in addition, you will be able to pass through walls and be able to see the game and observe in incognito everything that the other players do. It’s pretty funny hehehehe.

We are a ghost in Among US!We are a ghost in Among US!

We are a ghost in Among US!

Who wins the game in Among US! ?:

If you are an impostor, you win as soon as you eliminate the entire passage or as many players as impostors remain. For example, if you are 3 imposters, you will win when the non-impostors equal you in number.

If you are not impostors, you will win when you discover all the impostors or you manage to complete the progress bar of the tasks to be carried out on the ship.

What is easy to play?

We hope we have made it clear and that if you have any questions, please tell us in the comments of this article.

Here is the download link for the game:

Download Among US!

Greetings and see you shortly 😜.

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