How to pair and configure the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 with the iPhone

How to pair and configure the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 with the iPhone

Do you want to learn how to link the Mi Band 6 with iPhone? You have come to the right place. Very recently we told you that we had ordered one of these devices from Xiaomi And today we bring you a small tutorial to teach you this, and how to give the first touches to get it started. The day has arrived!.

Set up and pair the Mi band 6 with the iPhone

Years ago My band arrived from China with its version 1 and is already one of the gadgets most sold and used, both in devices Android like in ios. This success in sales is probably due to the relationship between what it offers and its low price, which we were able to discover with the acquisition of the Mi band 4.

It’s a wearable very complete that links perfectly with the iPhone and it allows us to see the time, receive notifications, control music playback, control aspects of your health, control your exercises … it really is a wonderful device.

At the end of the article we leave you a link to access to buy this bracelet at the best possible price.

How to pair and configure the Mi Band 6 with the iPhone:

As we have already told you at the beginning, we already brought you in another article the instructions to link a Mi band 4, but this Mi band 6 it’s even easier to set up. We don’t have to go into hidden menus to give permissions or anything like that. As simple as installing the app My Fit, and start giving permissions:

Mi Band 6, Mi Fit permissions

Mi Band 6, Mi Fit permissions

I do not know if it is the first time Xiaomi makes your best selling bracelet compatible with Apple Health, but I was very and very pleasantly surprised. Once all the permissions have been granted, we have to log into our account Me in order to link the Mi band 6.

Done this and already within our account, click on Ā«+ Add deviceĀ», and then the option to “Add bracelet”. The search will start and when the iPhone find her, our Mi band 6 it will emit a small vibration. In this way, we will have completed the link; Within seconds, we began to grant a series of permissions.

My band 6, linking

Mi band 6, linking

As you can see, with these permissions we already have everything we need, so you don’t have to go anywhere else to receive notifications. In this way, we will have our Mi band 6 linked and ready to go.

Now it’s time to configure the notifications that you want to receive on the bracelet, and change the language, if, as in my case, you have received it in English.

Configure WhatsApp and other iPhone apps, so that notifications reach the Xiaomi Band:

Configure alerts

Set alerts

How it is seen in the second image, we can choose the applications that we want to be notified by the Mi band 6, but if you are addicted and need EVERYTHING to reach you, we will only have to mark the option that is at the bottom. Also important for users of iMessage, activate notifications to receive SMS.

Notifications and SMS

Notifications and SMS

It is also important, if the notifications do not reach you, that you enable the display of notification notifications with the screen locked.

And this would be it! In the next article I will tell you some trick so that you can make the most of this gadget from Xiaomi.

If you are encouraged to buy it, here is a link where you can access buy Xiaomi Band 6.

Until next time!.


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