How to Optimize Photos on Your iPhone and iPad to Free Up Space

When you insert the optimized storage option in Photos, the high-resolution version of the photos is only stored on iCloud and is often stored on your device. This feature is part of iCloud Photos and you do not have to worry about losing high-resolution photos or videos. When you open a photo on your iPhone or iPad, it loads the high-end version of the photo automatically.

Optimizing the iPhone / iPad storage option is very handy if you do not have enough storage space on your device. You can think of moving photos to an external storage or deleting some photos to free up space. but if you remove it from your device, it will also be automatically removed from the iCloud.

You can resolve this issue without deleting or moving the photos; you just need to insert the Optimize iPhone storage option in the Photos settings. By doing so, all the photos will be available to you, and high resolution photos are safe in the iCloud storage and you have enough space on your iPhone or iPad.


How to optimize the photo storage on your iPhone

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.
  2. Scroll down and tap Photos.
  3. On the Photos settings screen, you will see when the iCloud Photos switch is turned on. There are two options available.
    • Optimize iPhone storage
    • Download original and keep it
  4. Make sure the “Optimize [device] storage ”option is selected to save storage on your device.
    optimize photo storage

If you select the option, the smaller resolution photos and videos will be replaced by a smaller version. You can download original files from iCloud at any time.

If you select the “Upload and save originals” option, it will keep all the original photos and videos on your device and iCloud. If you have any questions or the guide was helpful to you, please leave a comment below, thank you.


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