How to notice that you are being spied on with an AirTag

How to notice that you are being spied on with an AirTag

Since the AirTags one of the doubts about them is whether Manzana it can prevent people from being spied on with its use. Those of Cupertino They made it clear that they are devices to locate objects and not people, but you already know that there are people for everything. We explain how he thought Manzana alert you if they spy on you with one of these little items.

Alerts in case they spy on you with AirTag

Technological advances make us evolve and improve our day-to-day lives, but they can also have unintended consequences. That is what can happen to AirTags, some small locating devices with which to locate any type of object to which we put it.

It is a cheap and easy-to-use product that can turn against us since they are a worrying surveillance tool that could be exploited by an abuser to discreetly track someone down. Simply enter a AirTag in the victim’s purse or jacket pocket, to track exactly where they are going.

How to tell when you are being spied on with an Airtag:

Manzana knows about this problem and has explained the ways in which we will be able to realize that we are being victims of harassment. We will explain it in detail below:

IOS devices alert if we carry with us an AirTag that is not ours:

The devices ios can detect a AirTag that it is not with its owner and notify the user if there is a AirTag stranger moving with them from one place to another over time.

Alerts when carrying an unidentified AirTag.

Alerts when carrying an unidentified AirTag. (Image:

These alerts would be given when the user arrived at specific addresses such as their home, with a AirTag a stranger. This will trigger an alert in the iPhone. The address used is the one you have in your contact “Me”. An alert will also be triggered if there is a AirTag unknown when you arrive at a heavily visited location, such as a work address.

These alerts only work if you have an iPhone.

Once we find the AirTag we can find out who its owner is, opening the app “Look for”, selecting the option “Objects” and then clicking on “Identify the found object”.

Android devices unprotected from unwanted AirTag tracking:

For users of Android, the only protection they will have against this unwanted tracking is that an alert will sound from the AirTag after this device is separated from its owner three days, which the team of APPerlas go exaggerated.

A AirTag separated from its owner for an extended period of time it will play a sound, when moved, to draw attention to it. If a user detects a AirTag unknown, you can touch it with your compatible device iPhone or NFC and the instructions will guide you to disable AirTag a stranger.

What happens if a person unwantedly follows up on a family member who lives with him in the same house? By not spending 3 days without entering the AirTag in contact with its owner … would you never notify the user of Android through that alarm ?. Manzana, this needs to be improved.

Without more and hoping that Manzana upgrade the alarm system for users of AndroidSee you soon with more and better content to get the most out of your devices ios.



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