How to mute the status of WhatsApp and other contacts

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If you want to know how mute WhatsApp statuses and of the contacts you want, you are in the right place. You will learn to do it in less than 5 seconds and you will get rid of notifications of content that you do not want to see.

How to mute the statuses of WhatsApp and other contacts

Little by little the WhatsApp statuses they are being used more and more. At the beginning, the users of the application were reluctant to use them but today even the people you least expect, for example my parents, usually upload this type of ephemeral content.

Even the application itself has chosen publish statuses to inform us of news, improvements… That will arrive with the app updates. This is something that Telegram I already did through messages and that WhatsApp now it is going to make it much more visual by means of this type of publications that only last 24 hours.

How many will not be interested in seeing these types of states, we are going to teach you to silence them, since those of WhatsApp are somewhat different from mute than the statuses of the other contacts you have in your iPhone.

How to mute WhatsApp statuses:

To mute the content you WhatsApp publish in states, we must press and hold state from WhatsApp without actually opening it. When doing so, this screen will appear.

Mute WhatsApp statuses

Mute WhatsApp statuses

This is where we must click on “Silence” so that you do not notify us of your future publications and, in addition, they remain hidden under the tab “Silenced”.

If you want to see them, you just have to click on “Silenced” and then on the states you want to see.

How to mute contact statuses on WhatsApp:

The previous way also works to silence any the states of any contact that we have in WhatsApp, but there is also another way to do it. We can say that it is the fastest way to do it and that, for example, with WhatsApp statuses it does not work.

To silence any status we must move from right to left, the status of the contact from which we do not want to see this type of publication.

Then we click on “Silence” and in this way we will send their states to the muted tab. We remember again that by accessing this tab we can see any status that is within it.

And what’s more, in the following link we tell you how to view states without leaving a trace, in case you want to.

Without further ado and hoping that you have been interested in this tutorial, we encourage you to share it with all those people who you think are interested.

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