How to mute recorded video on iPhone or iPad

How to mute recorded video on iPhone or iPad

We show you how to be able to silence an already recorded video, from our iPhone or from the iPad and in the native iOS photos app.

mute a video

So you can mute a video that you have recorded on your iPhone

Today we are going to teach you mute a recorded video on iPhone. A great way to upload a video to Instagram, for example, without hearing the sound we have recorded.

Many times we record videos simply by the image that is seen and not by the audio itself. In other words, what interests us is what is happening in the sequence and not what is heard, either because we are going to put music on it or for whatever reason. Well, from the native app we will be able to do this.

So if you want to know how to do this, you just have to keep reading and find out everything that we are going to explain to you.

How to mute a recorded video on iPhone

The process is very simple and it is good news that Apple allows us to make these types of edits in its native app. In this way we will not have to download any third-party app.

Therefore, we go to the Photos app and look for that video that we want to edit. Once we have it, we open it and click on the button <>, just as we do for any image.

When the video editing menu is opened, we will see that an icon appears at the top. We will recognize this icon right away, because it is the one we always see for any sound issue, which is something similar to a megaphone. Will this be the one we must press to mute the video.

mute a video 1mute a video 1

Click on the sound icon to mute

Once this is done, we will have the video without sound, ready to be shared in any app or to be able to put some music in it without hearing the original sound of said video.

Although without clicking on the ‘Edit’ button, the megaphone icon appears, this is not the one we should press. We must do it from the edit menu.


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