How to merge two photos or more, from the iPhone with the PhotoShop app

How to merge two photos or more, from the iPhone with the PhotoShop app

We are going to explain how we can put together or merge two photos, or more images, from the iPhone thanks to an app Photoshop.

How to merge two photos or more, from the iPhone with the PhotoShop app

So you can merge two or more photos from the iPhone

A while ago we explained how put two pictures together in the same image. It is one of the photography editions that most are made and, the truth is that they look great.

But over time, the app we used for that purpose became paid and to download the composition created we had to either go to the checkout or take a screenshot, with the consequent loss of quality in the image.

Today we are going to explain a super simple way to make this type of photographic composition.

How to Merge Two or More Photos with Photoshop from iPhone and iPad:

The application that we are going to use is called Photoshop Mix and you can download it from the link that we leave you at the end of the article. It is a somewhat old photographic tool but it works wonders when it comes to merging images.

In the following video we show you, step by step, how to do it. If you are more to read, after him, we will explain it to you in writing.

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Steps to merge images:

The first thing we have to do is be clear about which photos we are going to merge. Once we know them, we enter the app and perform the following steps:

  1. Click on “+” to create a new project and choose the photo from iPhone that we want to put in the background in the fusion of images.
  2. Once chosen, it will appear on the screen along with all the tools provided by the application. Now we must click on the “+” that appears within a circle on the right side of the screen.
  3. We choose the option «Image»And we select the photograph that we want to combine with the image we have chosen before.
  4. When we appear on the screen we choose the option “Cut” from the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen and clicking on the option «intelligent»And seeing that the function appears on the left side of the screen “Add”, we are passing our finger through the image to only cut the part of the photo that we want to cut to merge. If we make a mistake, we can click on the option “Subtract” to eliminate the selection that we do not want to appear in the image. (We can zoom and move the image to make a more detailed selection).
  5. When we finish selecting, click on the «v» button that appears in the lower right part of the screen. Now the person, object … will appear cropped and merged with the background photograph. Now we can enlarge it, move it, rotate it, blur it (by clicking on the melt option)… To adapt it to our taste in the composition.
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How easy is it? We can also add more images by doing the whole tutorial again but from point 2.

The application also allows us to order the layers as we wish. We only have to press the squares with the images that appear on the right side of the screen, and drag them up or down to put them in front or behind in the photo fusion.

If you want to learn more about photographic editing, we encourage you to access our photography tutorials on Youtube.

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