How to measure height with the iPhone, using only the camera

How to measure height with the iPhone, using only the camera

We show you how to measure height with the iPhone, making only use of its camera and the native app to measure that we have.

measure height with iPhone

In this way you can measure the height with the iPhone using its camera

Today we are going to teach you measure height with iPhone. A fast and fun way to know how tall a person is and also in a matter of seconds.

The iPhone never ceases to amaze us and now with the incorporation of LIDAR, we have a wider range of functionalities. And it is that being able to have this sensor in our cameras, makes that among other things, we take much better photos.

But in this case, also focusing on the camera, we are not going to look at the photographs… we are going to measure the height of the people.

How to measure height with the iPhone

The process is very simple, as we have commented, we must make use of the iOS measuring app. To do this, we open the app <>.

Done this and without touching absolutely anything, we must focus on the person whose measurement we want to know. With just focus and wait a few seconds, we will see that the measurement appears on the screen. Now we can capture the image and share it with whoever we want …

measure height with iPhone 1measure height with iPhone 1

Press the shutter to take the photo

To capture the image, just press on the shutter that we have at the bottom right. It will take a photo, just as we would with the camera app itself. This image is saved on the reel and we can share it, as we have said, with whoever we want in any app.

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So if you have an iPhone 12 onwards, you already know how you can measure people’s height in a matter of seconds and also share the image with whoever you want afterwards.


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