How to measure a lap with the Apple Watch

How to measure a lap with the Apple Watch

We show you how to measure a fast lap with the Apple Watch and thus have better control in your workouts with the watch.

So you can measure a fast lap with the Apple Watch

Today we are going to teach you measure a lap with Apple Watch. A good way to train with the watch and keep track of it better.

The truth is that the Apple Watch has become the best device for both day to day and training. And it is that with this small device we can do practically everything and also in a really simple way. If you use your watch to run, without a doubt you will be interested in the article that we bring you today.

Therefore, if you want to measure a fast lap with your watch, you will see that it is really easy to do it and that it will not take anything to do it. In addition, you can measure it and your watch will continue to count at the same time.

How to measure a lap with the Apple Watch

The process is very simple, what we must do is go to training as we always do. We select our training, which in this case, in the case of a fast lap … we must select either one of running, or of swimming, bike …

We start our training and during this, when we have completed the fast lap, we must double tap on the screen. In doing so, we will see that it tells us that a segment has been completed, this will be our return.

quick lap with Apple Watch 1quick lap with Apple Watch 1

Double tap on the screen

We will also see that the time of each segment (lap) that we have been doing appears in a separate list. In this simple way we will be able to see where I have returned, we have been faster and in what way we can improve to be able to overcome ourselves in each training session.


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