How to make the TOP photos Instagram 2020, in the easiest and safest way

How to make the TOP photos Instagram 2020, in the easiest and safest way

Today we are going to show you the simplest and safest way to make your TOP Instagram photos of 2020. You are going to do it without having to download any app or subscribe to any platform.

TOP photos Instagram 2020

Every year-end almost all users of Instagram we are encouraged to carry out our TOP 9 photos, featuring the most “liked” images we’ve posted this year. A way to see which have been our most voted publications.

Many application developers take advantage of this to launch applications that allow doing this type of Collages, but almost all of them ask us for information or that we subscribe to their services in order to create these TOP photos.

We have to tell you that it is not necessary. We are going to explain the two ways to do it without spending money, without subscribing to any service and without downloading any application.

How to make our TOP photos Instagram 2020:

The first way to do it is from the same application Instagram. The other way is by visiting a website, from our iPhone, in which it will show us our TOP 9 photos, without the need to subscribe or give our email.

Get your most voted Instagram photos of 2020, from the application itself:

Before continuing we have to say that in order to do the TOP from the app we must have a company or professional account. This allows us to access our statistics and to know which are our most voted photos of the year … and many other statistics.

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If you have it, these are the steps to achieve your Top 9:

  • Access your profile by clicking on it in the menu that appears at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Once in it, click on the button characterized by 3 horizontal stripes that appears in the upper right part of the screen.
  • From the menu that appears, we select «Statistics».
  • Now click on «Shared content».
  • Now we have to configure the options that appear at the top: “Anyone” (we leave it as is), “Scope” (We select “I like it”) and “Last year” (we leave it that way).

In this way, all the apps that I like the most have received will appear, in order.

Instagram statistics

Instagram statistics

Now we just have to take a screenshot and crop it to make your TOP 9 or TOP 12 visible.

Our TOP 9 2020

Our TOP 9 2020

Your 9 most voted photos in 2020:

This way is indicated for any user who does not have a professional or company account, in Instagram. By not being able to access the statistics, from a website we will be able to generate our composition with the 9 photos of 2020, the most voted on our profile.

The website you have to access is the following:

Now we will only have to put our Instagram username, without @, and our TOP 9 will quickly appear.

Interactive result of your TOP 9

Interactive result of your TOP 9

We can take a screenshot and then crop it to show only the 9 images, or press the button “Compartir” and in the image that will appear, press and hold on it to then choose the option «Add to Photos», to download it on our reel.

Save your Top Instagram photos to your reel

Save your Top Instagram photos on your reel

If you choose to do this last way of downloading the image, you will also have to edit the photo to crop it to show only the 9 photos.

Both ways are the best ways to get the picture with your 9 most voted Instagram photos in 2020.

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