How to make the iPhone alarm stop ringing every 9 minutes

How to make the iPhone alarm stop ringing every 9 minutes

We show you the way to disable the option that makes the iPhone alarm sound every 9 minutes even if we stop it.

Prevent the iPhone alarm from ringing every 9 minutes

Today we are going to teach you make iPhone alarm stop ringing every 9 minutes. A good way to stop it completely and not keep ringing every x minutes.

Surely, when we set an alarm, at the time of sounding we try to stop it, but after a few minutes it continues to sound. Nothing happens, your iPhone is not damaged, it is that without realizing it instead of stopping it, we are postponing this alarm.

By default the device activates this option and when we are going to stop it, we usually click on this tab and therefore, the alarm will sound again after 9 minutes. We are going to explain how to prevent this from happening to you.

How to make the iPhone alarm stop ringing every 9 minutes

As we have already mentioned, all we have to do is deactivate the snooze option. To do this when we are configuring the alarm, we will see that at the bottom there is a tab with the name of “Postpone”.

iPhone 1 alarm

Disable snooze option

What we must do is deactivate this option. In this way, when the alarm starts to sound, that tab does not appear on the screen and we will only see the “Stop”.

So if you had this problem every time the alarm sounded, you already know how to avoid that function and that the alarm that sounds every 9 minutes does not warm your head.

So now you can analyze iPhone alarm in depth and see which functions you are interested in and which ones are not. In this way, you can avoid this function that we have talked about today in this article.


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