How to make sure no one can see where you are

How to make sure no one can see where you are

We are going to tell you 5 steps with which you can make sure that no one can see where you are. A tutorial that will be great for many and many of you and with which you will increase your privacy.

Check that no one can see your location

If you are one of the users who have ever suspected that someone may be watching you and tracking the location you are in, the iOS tutorial that we bring you today is going to help you stay more calm and act in case they are tracking you by location.

There are 5 steps that we will have to check to find out and we will tell you about them below.

Checklist to ensure that no one can see where you are:

1- Stop sharing your location with applications and services:

Even if you want to do it for a short time, go to Settings / Privacy / Location and disable the option “Location”. This prevents applications on your device, such as Maps, use your location. No one is notified when you disable location services, but some features may not work well.

2- Grant permissions to applications individually:

If you need to use certain apps that require location permissions, like Maps or travel sharing applications, you can grant permissions to apps individually by going to Settings / Privacy / Location and allowing only certain applications to use those location services.

3- Stop sharing the location in the «Search» application and make sure that no one can see the location you are in:

To do this go to Settings / Privacy / Location / Share my location and deactivate «Share my location». If you are concerned that someone may have access to your Apple ID, you can also temporarily disable “Search my Iphone” from that same menu.

4- Stop sharing your location with a particular person:

To stop sharing your location with a particular person, go to the app “Look for”, go to the tab “People”, select the person you want and tap on the option “Stop sharing my location”. If you stop sharing your location in the app “Look for”, the person will not receive a notification, but will not be able to see you on their friends list. If you re-enable sharing, they’ll get a notification that you’ve started sharing your location with them.

5- It is possible that you may be sharing your location with other people through third-party applications:

If you did not deactivate Location Services in the Privacy Settings, as we said in point 1, check the applications you have installed on your device to see if any of them share your location and follow the instructions to stop sharing it.

We hope you found this tutorial interesting and that you share it with people who may be interested, which in our opinion are all the owners of a device Manzana. You never know when we will have to implement this type of action.



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