How to Make Custom Command in Voice Control to Save Time

On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can add a custom command in the Voice Control to save time while typing longer text like your bank account details, your address, etc. Type. Once you set up a custom command like ‘insert bank account’ and say the phrase as you type the text, it will automatically add the related text, for example your bank account details.

Perform a custom command for Voice Control

Suppose you type a text message and want to add your address, how nice would it be if you said ‘insert bank account’ and add voice control automatically. To do this, you need to set a custom command for voice control. To set up a custom voice control command, you need to add two things, one is the phrase you will say as you type, and the other is the text that will automatically place voice control as you type. Let’s see how to do it.

  1. Make the Institutions and then scroll down to tap on the Accessibility option.
  2. Type Voice control, make sure the Voice Control switch is turned on here.
    voice control personal command
  3. Then tap “Customize commands” and then “Create new command …” If you have already set up a few commands, tap on the “Custom option”.
    create new voice control assignment
  4. On the next screen, type the phrase you would say: ‘insert bank account’. Your command must have a spoken phrase and must be unique, such as “Insert my name”, enter my home address.
  5. Now tap Action and tap in the list of actions Insert text. Then enter your bank account details at the bottom of the text field. You can set your own text according to your phrase you added.
  6. Once you are done, tap ‘New command’ in the upper left corner to go back, and then tap Save to save the client’s voice control command.

Each time you add or edit the text anywhere, you can say “Insert my bank account” and it will automatically post the bank account details you saved earlier. Isn’t that cool?


To test it, just open the Messages app and create a new message and type in the text field and say the phrase you just created in custom commands like ‘Insert my bank account’.

Delete personal assignment

Follow the steps if you want to remove any of the custom commands you have created.

  1. Go to Settings> Accessibility> Voice Control> Customize Commands> Customize.
  2. Tap the command you want to delete, then tap the Edit option in the top right corner.
  3. Finally, tap the Delete Command button at the bottom and confirm to remove it.

If you need help, you can leave a comment below and you will be happy to resolve your issue. Thank you.


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