How to make an ANIMATED wallpaper for iPhone

How to make an ANIMATED wallpaper for iPhone

We teach you the best way to create an animated iPhone wallpaper, with your photos. In this way, you can personalize the Wallpaper that you put on your lock screen.

Make a live wallpaper on iOS

Make a live wallpaper on iOS

Wallpapers for iPhone there are tons and there are all kinds. One of the most requested in recent years, are the moving or animated wallpapers. These are installed on the lock screen and give a touch of class to your iPhone. There are really good ones.

But if you are in this tutorial you will surely want to create them by yourself. You want to put an animated wallpaper using some of your reel photos right? Well, next we will explain how to do it and you will be amazed at how easy it is to get it.

How to create an animated wallpaper on iPhone:

To make one of these dynamic backgrounds we must go to our reel and use the photographs made with the mode Live Photo activated. To know which ones we have made in that format, we have to access the app Photos and on the menu “Albums” that we have available in the bottom menu of the screen, scroll down them until you find the type of content Live Photo.

Live Photos on reelLive Photos on reel

Live Photos on the reel

By clicking on it, we access the images with which we can create the animated wallpapers.

Obviously, if there is none that we like, we can capture a Live Photo at any time, activating the option shown below, before taking the photo.

Live Photo activatedLive Photo activated

Live Photo activated

When we have the image that we want to put as an animated background on the lock screen, click on it and once we have it on the screen, press on the share button (square with up arrow that appears at the bottom left of the screen). When doing so, a menu will appear with different options from which we have to select the following:

Create an animated wallpaper from a Live PhotoCreate an animated wallpaper from a Live Photo

Create an animated wallpaper from a Live Photo

Now, on the screen that appears, we have to have the icon of Live Photo that we see at the bottom, move and adjust the image and press, when we finish, in “Define”. We select “Locked screen” and that’s it.

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After doing this, lock the iPhone And when the lock screen appears, keep your finger firmly pressed on the screen. You will see the movement in it.

What is easy?

Without further ado, we wait for you in our next article.



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