How to make a SONG sound on iPhone ALARM

How to make a SONG sound on iPhone ALARM

We explain how to put a song on iPhone alarm. No more having to listen to the dull sound every morning.

Put a song on the iPhone alarm

Put a song on the iPhone alarm

If you are fed up with the typical sound of iPhone alarm and you want to change it, you are in the right place. We are going to teach you how to make a song sound instead of the boring sounds that we can configure for our alarm clock.

If you want your favorite song to sound to wake up more joyfully, keep reading because we will explain how to do it.

We are going to explain two ways to do it. One, the simplest of all, is using your subscription to Apple music and another, more elaborate, that will allow you to put the song you want without being subscribed to the music service in streaming from Apple.

How to put a song on the iPhone alarm:

To make a theme sound when the alarm is activated, we must edit one of the alarms that we have created or add a new one.

To edit we will press the option that appears in the upper left of the screen.

Alarm hoursAlarm hours

Alarm hours

Then we will click on the alarm to which we want to change the sound.

Once this is done, we will click on the item «Sound«, At the bottom of the menu:

Alarm soundsAlarm sounds

Alarm sounds

Pressed the button «Sound»The following screen will appear. In it we can choose the sound, or the song, that we want to sound when the alarm goes off.

Put the song on the iPhone alarmPut the song on the iPhone alarm

Put the song on the iPhone alarm

To choose a song we must have downloaded a song in iTunes or be subscribed to Apple music. If you do not meet any of these conditions, no musical theme will appear to alarm you.

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If you are subscribed to the Apple music service, in order for the song you want to put a melody to appear on the alarm, you must download it to your iPhone. To do this, access Apple music, search for the song and download it by clicking on the “+” option that will appear next to it and then, in the cloud with the download arrow.

Once this is done, it will appear in the list of songs to set an alarm tone.

Choose the theme that will sound in the alarmChoose the theme that will sound in the alarm

Choose the theme that will sound on the alarm

Easy right?

If you are not a user of Apple music and you haven’t downloaded any songs on iTunes, you can put songs as a ringtone, if you upload them to iTunes from your computer and then you pass them to iPhone.

Put music on the mobile alarm:

The other way to do it is something more elaborate but equally effective. What you will have to do is create a ringtone on your iPhone, as follows:

Once you have it, when accessing the alarm sounds that you have created, it should appear in the first positions of the “Ringtones”.

Super simple, right?

Without further ado, before we say goodbye we encourage you to click on the following link, if you want to know an interesting trick to get more out of iPhone alarms using Siri.



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