How to listen to the new Apple radio stations

How to listen to the new Apple radio stations

We show you how to listen to the new Apple radio stations from our iPhone or from the iPad itself, without problem.

So you can listen to the new Apple radio stations

Today we are going to teach you listen to new Apple radio stations. A good way to listen to the radio that Apple offers us with varied music and that of all styles.

Surely once another time you have entered the Apple Music app. It is an identical service to Spotify and that offers us a great variety of content. From there we will have access to all the music we want, but yes, it will have a monthly cost, which we will have to pay to use this service.

What is totally free, are the radio stations that the Cupertino company offers us. In this case, we have three new stations that we can enjoy from the same Music app.

How to listen to the new Apple radio stations

The process is very simple, it does not matter that you do not have a subscription to this service, since as we have said, to listen to the radio does not require such a subscription.

Therefore, once we are inside, we go to the section of <> and here we will see the stations that we are commenting on. We just have to click on the one we want to listen to and that’s it …

Apple radio stations 1Apple radio stations 1

Click on the Radio icon

In this simple way we can have access to Apple radio stations, which we can enjoy at no cost and also as many times as we want.

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So if you had the Music app abandoned and you didn’t know what to do with it, without a doubt this is a good time to start using it. We have a streaming music service of the best and we now also add radio stations with all the musical styles that we like the most.


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